Disney World Timeline



Walt Disney starts planning on the Florida project - a DisneyLand East, but with the addition of his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Land Acquisition


Disney starts acquiring land through series of shell companies


The Reveal

The Orlando Sentinel figures out that its Disney; a meeting with the governor follows

The "Sales Pitch"

After Walt's death, the company gives a pitch to the state

Fowler & Potter start work

Admiral Joe Fowler and General Joe Potter get to work on planning and construction.

Construction Begins

Late 1967
Construction on the behemouth that would become the resort starts, and transforms the land.

The Preview Center Opens

the Magic Kingdom Opens

1 Oct 1971

Podcast: a look back at opening day

The "Disney Decade" starts under Michael Eisner

10 years of so much growth.
May 1, 1989

The Disney/MGM Studios Opens

A real, working movie studio and a theme park.

The Animal Kingdom Opens

Apr 22, 1998
The Animal Kingdom Opens. On Earth Day! Dragons. Dinosaurs. Real Animals.

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