These are the videos in the YouTube series Lost and Found in Walt Disney World, arranged by topic/time period.

Walt Disney knew he wanted to have a new kind of community and started work planning for it.

Before there was Disney World in Orlando, there was a plan for....Palm Beach

A complete history of how we got to 1977

Land Acquisition Begins!

An airport on the property acquired

The architects

Joe Potter's memoirs

Joe Fowler in his own words

The jig is up.

Walt Disney visits Florida

Meeting with the state to get the politics out of the way

The first resident of WDW

The Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Late 1968, construction begins in earnest

A local hangout

Opening of the preview center

Hotel Plaza Blvd

Cinderella castle mosaic

The Electrical Water Pageant

November 1973: Nixon visits

October 1978: Jimmy Carter and the ICC

January 1985: Reagan visits

1990: Bush visits

Windows on Main Street

The House of Magic

The Skyway

The Carousel of Progress moves to Disney World

The Hall of Presidents

The Haunted Mansion

The History of Walt Disney's Monorail

Episode 68 was "All about the Monorail" until YouTube removed the video...I tell you what's up with that

But...this video was based on a podcast series I did back in 2012, which *IS* still can hear the episodes here:
  • Show-30---All-about-the-monorail-part-1
  • Show-31---All-about-the-monorail-part-2
  • Show-32---All-about-the-monorail-part-3
  • The World Showcase players: Streetmosphere is born!

    Another airfield opens

    World Showcase Overview, and a look at Japan and China

    World Showcase: Mexico, Canada, the American Adventure

    World Showcase: United Kingdom, France, Morocco

    World Showcase: Italy, Germany, Norway

    World Showcase: Other plans

    Our Spaceship Earth

    The Land Pavilion Mural


    The history of the Studios

    The plans for Animal Kingdom

    Sue the T-Rex is prepared for display

    Pleasure Island

    The CrossRoads: A new place to shop

    Game Rooms

    The Fort Wilderness Railroad

    Discovery Island

    Lake Buena Vista Village

    River Country

    Walt Disney's Trains

    Road Signs (1990)

    More Dragons!

    December 1973: John Lennon visits

    1975 Southern Governor's meeting


    The STOLPort

    Disney's Southern border

    US 192

    Disney's Western border

    Learning to Manage Hotels

    The Contemporary

    Mary Blair's Contemporary Mural

    The Contemporary in depth

    The Polynesian

    Hotel development

    The Golf Resort

    1996: The Disney Institute