Dave's Tech Stories is a YouTube channel featuring Dave talking about various things, partiicularly technology, and his Tesla.

Bitchin Dave's Lab

Dave has stuff going, and pokes around in different areas. Come see what's what here:

  • One of my next adventures is a short newsletter. "Bitchin' Dave's Newsletter" covers some topics of interest. You can see past issues on the blog - but you can signup by sending me an email. geezergamer92@gmail.com

  • I'm doing some podcasting again too. Keeping with the theme its "Just What Do You Think You're doing Dave?" and its on Spotify

  • I'm using an API to get stock info, "for educational purposes, invest at your own risk" ... you can check it out here: Dave's Stocks

  • I'm tinkering with an idea to show data, you can visit it here: Dave's Data

  • Something fun: I have an idea for categorizing villains which I hope you'll enjoy Odious Characters in Movies & TV

  • @davey_k on Mastdon techhub


    About me: I am an engineer, a bit of a dreamer, a sometimes-sports-fan, and generally like Disney. I have some strong opinions, believe in basic freedoms, and individual rights (why do I care where you came from or who you love?!).

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