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Landing on the moon

I look back into history at moon landings, and then talk about our recent attempts - and successes in having unmanned moon landings. And yes, I’m aware that the video I show of JFK was not the one at Rice, but it was a version of the same speech. The video "Making a tin foil hat" may be found here:

11 views • Mar 1, 2024

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Hydrogen cars?

The idea is great. But in practice? Much harder to say.

499 views • Feb 28, 2024

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Disney has a proxy war on its hands

I’m talking about Disneys proxy war. There are two challengers who want seats on the board to help steer the company’s direction differently. Disney wants the status quo. So as shareholders (even if you have one share), we have the ability to vote. I’m talking about who the players are and what they’re saying. — I did vote by the way. Care to know which way I voted?

118 views • Feb 25, 2024

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I’m talking about the Columbia space shuttle disaster

It’s maybe a little personal to me since my graduate research was on heat tile replacement - heat tile loss was the issue that caused the disaster. I also reflect on what Richard Feynman found when he was looking at the challenger disaster 2 decades before.

290 views • Feb 20, 2024

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The history of “I’m going to Disney world!”

I trace the history back to the time Dick Rutan uttered the phrase to Jane Eisner - and it became a catch phrase said to cameras by Phil Simms in 1987, that’s still in use today.

20 views • Feb 15, 2024

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I’m talking about the $56B payment that was due Elon Musk.

I look at the financials, do a little math, and wonder what good this is to most shareholders.

15 views • Feb 12, 2024

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Preconditioning, the extreme cold in Chicago, charging. And a little experiment

As I listened to the story out of Chicago, I started to realize what we had was a user experience problem. Yes, the info about how to charge your Tesla is in the user manual. But that doesn’t mean it’s the users fault. The cars are designed to precondition if you route to a charging station. But if you don’t, you have to wait for the batteries to warm up I also performed a small experiment on a rechargeable AA battery to demonstrate how this works.

19 views • Jan 28, 2024

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Disney World’s monorail system, and the switch

This is a look at the monorail system at Walt Disney world, and in particular the switches they use to move trains on and off the line. The video is longer than I intended. But I wanted to give the entire system its due. Hope you enjoy! Mouse steps video: Monorail central Trainz recreation

68 views • Jan 16, 2024

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Tesla software update! observations and a little poking around

I’m talking about the recall mandated updates, the 360 view that’s available, and a few fun features (boombox, lock sounds). Video noted from Andy Slye can be found here: And the way I used the megaphone is a throwback to “Mr microphone” see 0:27

122 views • Dec 30, 2023

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Tesla has a recall. What does that mean?

The recall is over full self driving and warnings about keeping the drivers attention. It’s odd because while it’s technically “a recall,” the change will be made via a software update and does not require a special trip to the dealer. That’s another piece to the “special sauce” is it not?

34 views • Dec 15, 2023

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A followup on my last video related to charging.

A few short topics: 120 volt charging is just fine. I eat humble pie What did I do regarding my power supply? What do I think about PHEV?

23 views • Dec 12, 2023

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80% is a good charging limit. But what “type of charging” / voltage should I use?

I realized I’ve never really talked about what kind of charging is best for the car (hint it’s 240volts). I started thinking about this when I noticed my circuit breaker kept tripping to off for some reason. So I lowered the current flow and it helped. Honestly, I don’t think it matters how long I charge since I’m leaving it in my garage overnight anyway. And that’s kind of the point I make.

617 views • Dec 1, 2023

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Point to point travel via space? My thoughts about Starship the 2nd launch

It wasn’t a complete success. But many things went right. Plus there’s the intrigue related to point - to - point travel.

55 views • Nov 20, 2023

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A road trip with no superchargers? … how did it go?

I found it difficult - perhaps impossible - to charge while on the road using public charging that was available. It was slow, machines were broken, and they sometimes were “ICED” The infrastructure will need to catch up to drive EV adoption.

28 views • Nov 9, 2023

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Hydroponics update #2

It’s continual learning. But it’s great. I added a drain valve and figured out that simply adding more nutrient can actually cause the plants to get out of balance.

33 views • Oct 31, 2023