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Bagels: New York, Montreal, and Bialy. What the difference?

While bagels are all made of yeast, flour and water, there are three specific bagel types that one can enjoy: the New York style bagel (dough is made then boiled and baked) The bialy (dough is made and shaped and then baked - but not boiled) And the Montreal bagel (dough is rolled out then boiled in honey water, and then baked) Videos used in this short include: NY Bagel bialy Montreal bagel The content creators take the time to take you through the full recipe and share some tips with you. Im using them to provide a visual on how they’re made.

61 views • Jul 16, 2024

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The library on the border of Canada and the US: Visiting the Haskell library

This library intentionally straddles the border between the two countries, and you can visit without technically crossing the border. You can read more here:

21 views • Jul 6, 2024

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EV charging in Quebec

435 views • Jun 28, 2024

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“All cross” at crosswalks in Quebec (it’s fun!)

In many intersections in the province, the lights in both directions turn red, meaning everyone crosses from every direction. You can even walk diagonally between corners.

248 views • Jun 20, 2024

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The EV mental model

I saw an article that suggested that we have a bias when it comes to EVs, so I did a little digging and found this research paper that does a nice job of laying out the rationale for what that is and talks about the mental model we use when switching to EVs. To be clear, this is not something I wrote or have any connection to. I am just sharing it and thank the authors for their work. Enjoy!

269 views • Jun 13, 2024

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SpaceX starship launch. What’s up with the speed of ascent?

The atmospheric conditions at different altitudes affect the speed at which the craft can travel.

691 views • Jun 6, 2024

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Hertz and the $277 EV refueling surcharge

4888 views • May 28, 2024

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Some thoughts about Tesla (the company)

Elon musk’s payout, cybertruck, stock price, and more about the company

51 views • May 21, 2024

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What is the total cost of ownership of a Tesla?

As I note in the video, my plan was to create a spreadsheet and work out the details. But Edmunds has a TCO calculator. So I opted to use that instead. Its pretty good, and you can try it yourself. I also compare the Tesla to a RAV4 which is around the same starting price. Roughly of course.

671 views • May 14, 2024

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I charged to 100% then left the car in the sun… and didn’t have enough energy to get home…

This is a followup to A road trip with no superchargers? … how did it go?

10240 views • May 7, 2024

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Tesla full self driving: my experience

Tesla offered a free 30-day trial so I decided to try it out. There were a few things I liked, but overall I don’t think I’d pay for it There were some very confusing moments, a few times when I had no idea what it was doing based on traffic, and it really struggled when it came to construction (which is everywhere!) I can see why there are issues and why governments want to better regulate it. In the end, it was fun and I’m glad they offered to let us try it. But that’s enough for me.

233 views • Apr 28, 2024

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Watching someone rent an EV

420 views • Apr 20, 2024

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Reusable rockets

I take a look at NASAs solid rocket boosters and compare them to SpaceX. The link to the cost document I reference:

55 views • Apr 9, 2024

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Ammonia powered cars?!

137 views • Apr 4, 2024

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Success on the moon relies on the human experience. A short discussion.

The human spirit is ultimately the reason of course.

4 views • Apr 1, 2024