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80% is a good charging limit. But what “type of charging” / voltage should I use?

I realized I’ve never really talked about what kind of charging is best for the car (hint it’s 240volts). I started thinking about this when I noticed my circuit breaker kept tripping to off for some reason. So I lowered the current flow and it helped. Honestly, I don’t think it matters how long I charge since I’m leaving it in my garage overnight anyway. And that’s kind of the point I make.

574 views • Dec 1, 2023

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Point to point travel via space? My thoughts about Starship the 2nd launch

It wasn’t a complete success. But many things went right. Plus there’s the intrigue related to point - to - point travel.

53 views • Nov 20, 2023

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A road trip with no superchargers? … how did it go?

I found it difficult - perhaps impossible - to charge while on the road using public charging that was available. It was slow, machines were broken, and they sometimes were “ICED” The infrastructure will need to catch up to drive EV adoption.

25 views • Nov 9, 2023

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Hydroponics update #2

It’s continual learning. But it’s great. I added a drain valve and figured out that simply adding more nutrient can actually cause the plants to get out of balance.

33 views • Oct 31, 2023

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Falcon Heavy launch (oct 2023)

On October 13th, I drove up to see a launch. I got to Melbourne l, which is about 35 miles from the launch site. I talk about getting there in my Tesla for a couple of minutes, then go on to talk about the launch. And I throw in a little science. I did the math and figured out when I would hear the sound coming from launch and when I would hear the sonic boom of the returning rockets. I also have a little info about the rocket science part, in case you wondered what falcon heavy was all about.

51 views • Oct 18, 2023

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The Boca Raton army air field. 100,000 people training to fly - and learning to use radar

This is a look at the army airfield that exists (and still exists to a degree) in Boca Raton Florida. I talk about its use, and then talk about the real reason for the airbase: RADAR! The image shown in the thumbnail and in the video is from a WLRN (local PBS) station that delved further into the history. Original Videos:

57 views • Oct 3, 2023

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Charging on the go. An EV problem that gets some press. But Tesla has this figured out

I’m talking about all the “news” related to EV charging woes. And yes it is in an issue. As noted by several cabinet level people while trying to take a drive. EV companies are also now touting their hybrids as a means to work around this. I’ve got a few brief thoughts.

25 views • Sep 21, 2023

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I’m talking about data privacy in cars

Do you know what your info your car collects about you? Your voice? Your face? And do you know what is done with that info? Ever see a privacy policy?

43 views • Sep 11, 2023

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A few thoughts about Tesla, and teslas secret sauce. Plus … even the robots know the storm is coming

8 views • Aug 30, 2023

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A hiking trip in Whistler (British Columbia)

We were on vacation and I decided to hike alone. Which was both scary and exhilarating. I tell my story. I was never in any real danger. But try convincing yourself of that when you’re slightly lost. By the way, the day before I showed symptoms of altitude sickness and was pretty wiped out. In retrospect, I probably should not have taken this hike on alone; I was possibly asking for trouble. And clearing up one point, the hike itself wasn’t so bad. It was more about my fatigue, coupled with the altitude that were the real challenges.

5 views • Aug 11, 2023

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A look inside the haunted mansion, and specifically a look at the omnimover.

I used legos to create a model of the omnimover, a staple from Walt Disney world. It’s most notably used in the haunted mansion. And I show you how a couple of effects are done. Video clip from:

66 views • Aug 3, 2023

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Hydroponics update: after a few weeks…how did things work out?

After a few weeks, I’m ready o call my trial a success. I share the experience with you. Next up: I’m going to put more things in the tub to start growing! Note: The flora series product I show in the pic and mention in the video is not an endorsement, nor was this a promotional item for me. I purchased it based on reviews, and will continue to use it as it seems to be working. I am happy to report on my success using the product.

149 views • Jul 26, 2023

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Charging on a Disney road trip - in the model Y

This is the same road trip, using the Model 3 with a lower battery capacity, about 3 months ago. Charging while on a short road trip.

51 views • Jul 19, 2023

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Dave’s thoughts about car companies collecting data, right to repair laws, and how these intersect.

Massachusetts passed a right to repair law, given that consumers need to be able to determine what’s wrong with their cars and then repair issues. But the data is not (necessarily) stored in the car, as it’s sent back to the manufacturer for some kind of data collection. So there’s a lot to unpack and I’m talking about it.

14 views • Jul 12, 2023

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Getting started with hydroponics.

I decided to give hydroponics a go. I talk about what drove me into it and the way I chose to do it. I talk about the setup and some of the “quirks” that I encountered. And yes, the photo of me on the title card shows my not at all green thumb. 😁

7 views • Jul 5, 2023